Welcome to The Blue and Gold Club! 
We're a group of Drexel alums who love Dragon basketball!

Why Do We Exist?
10 years ago, Drexel Basketball was an afterthought, and Dragon pride was minimal. A few undergrads wanted to do something to make a change. They didn’t start with much - just a few gold t-shirts, and a common belief that Drexel deserved more in it’s hoops program.

What a difference a decade makes. That group of students has grown into the DAC Pack, recognized this season as one of the top 10 student sections in the nation. The stature of Drexel Basketball has grown by leaps and bounds - the program is now regularly featured on ESPN, invited to play in major pre-season tournaments, and competes for increasingly talented players. 

If a couple kids can start a movement like that, imagine what we can do together as alumni?! That’s why we started the Blue and Gold Club. Unlike many places, where only major donors have a say in the direction of the program, ALL of us can help take the program to the next level, just by coming together and showing our support.

Our group is run for alumni, by alumni. When we send emails, they will be short, fun, and contain something of value (ticket deals!). When we have events, there will be strict “no name tag”, “no awkwardness”, and “no ‘pressure to give back’” policies in effect.

Exclusive Deals
We have access to a limited number of free tickets for every home game, only for our members. All you need to do is email us in advance and request them. True story!

Contact Information
Our email address is monitored by humans, not robots. Feel free to contact us! dublueandgold@gmail.com

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